Primary school deputy headteacher admits watching child rape videos on dark web

A primary school teacher told the National Crime Agency he watched videos of child abuse for two years after they arrested him at his home in May. He viewed them on the dark web.

China’s ‘hybrid war’: Beijing’s mass surveillance of Australia and the world for secrets and scandal

A database of 2.4 million people, including more than 35,000 Australians, has been leaked from the Shenzhen company Zhenhua Data.

Malaysia’s navy says documents uploaded on Dark Web are obsolete

Documents from the Royal Malaysian Navy which were recently discovered to have been put up on the Dark Web are obsolete.

Malaysian navy papers put up on Dark Web

Sensitive documents from the Royal Malaysian Navy ended up on a Dark Web portal.

French police announce arrest of ‘darknet’ paedophilia site operator

French police and investigators from its specialised anti-violence agency worked alongside the EU’s Europol police agency.



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