Study finds 15B stolen credentials for sale of the dark web

Most of the records were found to belong to consumers, with an individual record selling for an average of $15.43.

On the dark web for around $71, criminals can buy bank accounts and even make loans

Among consumer account information, bank account information has the highest price, with an average of 70.91 US dollars (about 500 yuan).

BMW customer database for sale on dark web

According to KELA, the threat actor claimed that the BMW data came from a “call center” that manages customers of different car suppliers.

Onion Service version 2 deprecation timeline

As humankind’s understanding of math and cryptography evolved, the foundation of version 2 became fragile and at this point in time, unsafe.

The value of Tor and anonymous contributions to Wikipedia

According to a recently published research paper co-authored by researchers from Drexel, NYU, and the University of Washington, Tor users make high-quality contributions to Wikipedia

Chinese Canadian woman sentenced to 6 years in prison after being phished by US FBI for buying biological weapons on the dark web

Liu Shijie attempted to purchase a highly toxic chemical agent and protective equipment including masks, aprons, gloves, etc. through the dark web.

LocalBitcoins Says Its Transactions From Darknet Markets Dropped 70%

The P2P platform has seen a decline of over 70% in transactions from darknet markets between September 2019 and May 2020, LocalBitcoins claims.

Millions of Telegram Users’ Data Exposed on Darknet

Telegram, a major privacy-focused messaging app, has suffered a data leak that exposed some personal data of its users on the darknet.

The dark web: a primer for the rest of us

Like the private web, these sites take pains to not appear on search indexes, mainly because some of them offer illegal goods and services, including drugs, stolen data (such as credit card numbers) and hacking tools.

Tor’s latest release makes it easier to find secure onion services

Tor Browser 9.5 is also working towards making Dark Web addresses easier to remember.


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