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Streamlining verification for Onion sites

Streamlining verification for Onion sites

When any onion domains are detected for new EV certs, the UI will restrict the certificate lifetime to one year, as .onion certificates have a max lifetime of one year.

The “dark web” black market behind the suspected theft of millions of bank customer information has been exposed

What you see is just the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot of information on darknet transactions, and financial-related information can account for more than 70%.

Ordering a .Onion Certificate from DigiCert

This makes ordering a SSL Certificate for a .onion site a complicated process, which is why DigiCert adheres to the CA/B Forum guidelines for .onion certificates.

Fighting Censorship with ProtonMail Encrypted Email Over Tor

launching a Tor hidden service to combat censorship and surveillance of ProtonMail users.

Install Tor on Windows, (Kali) Linux and search The Dark Web

What is the Dark Web? In this article an, I will cover how to install Tor on (Kali) Linux and Windows, explain The Dark Web, What is The Hidden Wiki. The Dos and Don’ts to stay anonymous. Install Deep Explorer to make searching easier on the Deep Web.

Tor Project lays off a third of staff due to coronavirus pressures

The Tor Project, announced on Friday it was laying off a third of its staff due to the economic burden caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

What is darknet? What is Tor?

Darknet is a hidden network on the Internet, the connections in which are established only between trusted peers using non-standard ports and unique custom data transfer protocols.

A Quick Guide To Navigating The Dark Web

There are SO MANY pages to look at in the Dark Web, but we’re obviously not going to show you where to buy a gun or a fake passport.

Teach you to navigate the dark web, but the dark web is not a good place.

Darknet sites, numbering in the tens of thousands, shut down from time to time, open from time to time, with illegal transactions.

Dark Web site navigation (updated April 2020)

Dark Web site navigation (updated April 2020)

Some sites on the dark web, removing violence against children and pornography.


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