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Don’t let the dark web of pornography “come back to life.”

Recently, some netizens have reported that some domestic pornographic websites involve “sexual abuse of young children, adultery, clandestine filming” and so on. Recently, the reporter investigated and found that, through the retrieval of “Lori” “young teeth” and other topics, it is not difficult to find some websites, forums and apps, including many videos involving “minors”, some of the images viewed up to more than 200,000 times. In the “dark web” of some social platforms and apps, there are also people openly selling pornographic resources, “11 sets of clandestine videos packaged and sold for 70 yuan”. Behind this, a chain of shady business has been formed, from filming to building websites to running profit-making operations. (Xinjing Daily, April 22)

  Our country has always cracked down on cyber-pornography offences. The Criminal Code provides for the crime of disseminating obscene materials, and the two high authorities have introduced judicial interpretations of the relevant cases, and in reality, the relevant government departments have taken many special actions against Internet pornography. But under the severe crackdown, why would there be such an awkward situation of “weeds not burning out”? In terms of the Internet environment, there are more than 370 million pornographic websites on the Internet, and about 20,000 pornographic photos enter the Internet every day, making young Internet users highly vulnerable to erosion, which provides a breeding ground for pornographic dark networks. From the perspective of network technology, some unscrupulous elements will set up servers outside the country, spend tens of dollars to replace the domain name will be able to evade investigation and finally “resurgence”. Even with the payment code, it is impossible to “follow the trail”, it is impossible to find the website operator, because they either use a false identity, or buy someone else’s WeChat. From the point of view of network supervision, it is not yet possible to achieve full coverage of cyberspace, network chain full supervision, the existence of these “vacuum zone”, so that some lawbreakers see the opportunity to get rich, dare to take the risk of “chestnuts in the fire”, which will cause great harm.

  The complete eradication of pornographic dark webs, not only from innovative technology, but also to form a strong synergy from legislation to justice and law enforcement. Screen pornography screening technology, nowadays is not an insurmountable barrier, some live broadcast platform has been applied to the regulatory field.On October 21, 2019, the two high authorities issued the “Interpretation of a number of issues on the handling of criminal cases of illegal use of information networks to help information network criminal activities and other applicable laws”, which clearly punishes cybercrime for the whole chain, providing reliable judicial support. Recently, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, the second trial of the Central Court sentenced to a large scale trafficking in obscene materials. The platform in question was a mega-aggregated app containing more than 100 live pornographic platforms, and each of the four defendants was sentenced to between 3 and 13 years’ imprisonment. Previously, Chinese and American police joined forces to destroy the Sunshine Entertainment Alliance, the world’s largest coalition of Chinese-language obscenity and pornography sites, which is considered an example of cooperative action against online pornography. In the current situation, the more such actions the better. After a multi-pronged effort to adhere to the “one stroke per day, lasting success”, this war on Internet pornography, we will certainly see the dawn of victory.

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