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Revealed data on two 0-day vulnerabilities in Tor and Tor Browser – “Hacker”

The researcher says that the Tor developers have repeatedly refused to fix the problems he found, so he decided to make the vulnerabilities public.

From the “dark net” into the net of justice, Zhenjiang City, the city’s first detection of “dark net” case

The inherent invisibility makes it difficult to track criminal activities carried out on the dark web. Even if they are discovered, it is difficult to lock the identity of the suspect through a randomly generated account.

Breach database company DataViper allegedly hacked with billions of records offered for sale

Cyberthreat intelligence and breach database company DataViper has been allegedly hacked and its database of breached credentials offered for sale on the shady part of the internet known as the dark web.

How much is your data worth on the dark web?

Credit card details, online banking logins, and social media credentials are available on the dark web at worryingly low prices, according to Privacy Affairs.

On the dark web for around $71, criminals can buy bank accounts and even make loans

Among consumer account information, bank account information has the highest price, with an average of 70.91 US dollars (about 500 yuan).

BMW customer database for sale on dark web

According to KELA, the threat actor claimed that the BMW data came from a “call center” that manages customers of different car suppliers.

Onion Service version 2 deprecation timeline

As humankind’s understanding of math and cryptography evolved, the foundation of version 2 became fragile and at this point in time, unsafe.

The value of Tor and anonymous contributions to Wikipedia

According to a recently published research paper co-authored by researchers from Drexel, NYU, and the University of Washington, Tor users make high-quality contributions to Wikipedia

Navigating the Dark Web (updated July 2020)

Navigating the Dark Web (updated July 2020)

What’s on the darknet? Organize some darknet entries for you.

Chinese Canadian woman sentenced to 6 years in prison after being phished by US FBI for buying biological weapons on the dark web

Liu Shijie attempted to purchase a highly toxic chemical agent and protective equipment including masks, aprons, gloves, etc. through the dark web.


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